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[gluht-n-uh s] /ˈglʌt n əs/

tending to eat and drink excessively; voracious.
greedy; insatiable.

mid-14c.; see glutton + -ous. Related: Gluttonously.


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  • Gluttony

    [gluht-n-ee] /ˈglʌt n i/ noun 1. excessive eating and drinking. /ˈɡlʌtənɪ/ noun 1. the act or practice of eating to excess n. c.1200, glutunie, from Old French glutonie, from gluton “glutton” (see glutton). Gluttonry recorded from late 12c.

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    Biochemistry. 1. . Gly abbr. glycine

  • Glyburide

    [glahy-byoo r-ahyd] /glaɪˈbyʊər aɪd/ noun, Pharmacology. 1. a hypoglycemic substance, C 23 H 28 ClN 3 O 5 S, used orally in the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

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