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[glahy-kuh-juh n, -jen] /ˈglaɪ kə dʒən, -ˌdʒɛn/

noun, Biochemistry.
a white, tasteless polysaccharide, (C 6 H 10 O 5) n , molecularly similar to starch, constituting the principal carbohydrate storage material in animals and occurring chiefly in the liver, in muscle, and in fungi and yeasts.
/ˈɡlaɪkəʊdʒən; -dʒɛn/
a polysaccharide consisting of glucose units: the form in which carbohydrate is stored in the liver and muscles in man and animals. It can easily be hydrolysed to glucose Also called animal starch

starch-like substance found in the liver and animal tissue, 1860, from French glycogène, “sugar-producer,” from Greek glykys “sweet” (see glucose) + French -gène (see -gen). Coined in 1848 by French physiologist Claude Bernard (1813-1878).

glycogen gly·co·gen (glī’kə-jən)
A polysaccharide that is the main form of carbohydrate storage in animals and occurs mainly in liver and muscle tissue; it is readily converted to glucose. Also called animal starch.
gly’co·gen’ic (-jěn’ĭk) adj.
A polysaccharide stored in animal liver and muscle cells that is easily converted to glucose to meet metabolic energy requirements. Most of the carbohydrate energy stored in animal cells is in the form of glycogen.


Read Also:

  • Glycogen acanthosis

    glycogen acanthosis n. Elevated gray-white plaques in the distal mucosa of the esophagus, with epithelium thickened by the proliferation of large glycogen-filled squamous cells.

  • Glycogenesis

    [glahy-kuh-jen-uh-sis] /ˌglaɪ kəˈdʒɛn ə sɪs/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. the formation of glycogen from monosaccharides in the body, especially glucose. /ˌɡlaɪkəʊˈdʒɛnɪsɪs/ noun 1. the formation of sugar, esp (in animals) from glycogen glycogenesis gly·co·gen·e·sis (glī’kə-jěn’ĭ-sĭs) n. The formation of glycogen. gly’co·ge·net’ic (-jə-nět’ĭk) adj.

  • Glycogenetic

    [glahy-koh-juh-net-ik] /ˌglaɪ koʊ dʒəˈnɛt ɪk/ adjective, Biochemistry. 1. of or relating to the formation of sugar in the liver.

  • Glycogen granule

    glycogen granule n. A granule of glycogen occurring in a cell as an alpha granule or a beta granule.

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