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a plate-making process in which an electrotype is made from an engraved copper plate


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  • Glyphosate

    [glahy-fos-eyt] /glaɪˈfɒs eɪt/ noun, Chemistry. 1. a compound, C 3 H 8 NO 5 P, used to kill a wide range of weeds.

  • Glypnir

    1966. An ALGOL-like language with parallel extensions. Similar to Actus. “GLYPNIR – A Programming Language for the Illiac IV”, D.H. Lawrie et al, CACM 18(3) (Mar 1975).

  • Glyptal

    /ˈɡlɪptəl/ noun 1. an alkyd resin obtained from polyhydric alcohols and polybasic organic acids or their anhydrides; used for surface coatings

  • Glyptic

    [glip-tik] /ˈglɪp tɪk/ adjective 1. of or relating to carving or engraving on gems or the like. noun 2. the act or process of producing glyptic ornaments. /ˈɡlɪptɪk/ adjective 1. of or relating to engraving or carving, esp on precious stones

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