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gram-molecular weight


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  • Gn

    1. Graduate Nurse. abbreviation 1. Guinea networking The country code for Guinea. (1999-01-27) 1. general 2. green 3. Guarani 4. guinea Genesis 1. good night (shortwave transmission) 2. ground network

  • G.N.

    1. Graduate Nurse.

  • Gnamma-hole

    [nam-uh] /ˈnæm ə/ noun, Australian. 1. a hollow in bare rock, narrow at the opening and wider at the bottom, in which water collects. /ˈnæmə/ noun 1. a variant spelling of namma hole

  • Gnar

    [nahr] /nɑr/ verb (used without object), gnarred, gnarring. 1. to snarl; growl.

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