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[nath-ik] /ˈnæθ ɪk/

of or relating to the jaw.
(anatomy) of or relating to the jaw

“pertaining to the jaw,” 1882, from Greek gnathos “jaw, cheek,” properly “the lower jaw,” cognate with Lithuanian žandas “jaw.”

gnathic gnath·ic (nāth’ĭk)
Relating to the jaw or alveolar process.


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  • Gnathic-index

    noun 1. Craniometry. the ratio of the distance from basion to prosthion to the distance from basion to nasion, expressed in percent of the latter.

  • Gnathion

    [ney-thee-on, nath-ee-] /ˈneɪ θiˌɒn, ˈnæθ i-/ noun 1. Craniometry. the lowest point on the anterior margin of the lower jaw in the midsaggital plane. /ˈneɪθɪˌɒn; ˈnæθ-/ noun 1. the lowest point of the midline of the lower jaw: a reference point in craniometry gnathion gnath·i·on (nāth’ē-ŏn’, nā’thē-) n. The most inferior point of the mandible […]

  • Gnathite

    [ney-thahyt, nath-ahyt] /ˈneɪ θaɪt, ˈnæθ aɪt/ noun, Anatomy. 1. any of the mouth appendages of an insect or other arthropod. /ˈneɪθaɪt; ˈnæθ-/ noun 1. (zoology) an appendage of an arthropod that is specialized for grasping or chewing; mouthpart

  • Gnatho-

    gnatho- or gnath- pref. Jaw: gnathoplasty.

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