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Gnu public licence

Properly known as the General Public License. Improperly known as the General Public Virus.


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  • Gnus

    [noo, nyoo] /nu, nyu/ noun, plural gnus (especially collectively) gnu. 1. either of two stocky, oxlike antelopes of the genus Connochaetes, the silver-gray, white-bearded C. taurinus of the eastern African plain and the black, white-tailed C. gnou of central South Africa: recently near extinction, the South African gnu is now protected. /nuː/ noun (pl) gnus, […]

  • Gnu sed

    tool, text A GNU version of the standard Unix Sed stream editor. GNU sed was written by Tom Lord lord+@andrew.cmu.edu. Version 2.03. FTP from your nearest GNU archive site. E-mail: (bugs). (1993-08-09)

  • Gnu smalltalk

    language A GNU version of Smalltalk, by Steven Byrne sbb@eng.sun.com. Version 1.1.1, FTP from your nearest GNU archive site. msgGUI is a graphical user interface library for GNU Smalltalk. (1991-09-15)

  • Gnustep

    operating system A GNU implementation of OpenStep. Work has started on an implementation using an existing library written in Objective-C. Much work remains to be done to bring this library close to the OpenStep specifications. Adam Fedor is head of the project. (http://gnustep.org/). [Current status? Newsgroup?] (1999-11-25)

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