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Go for all the marbles

verb phrase

go for broke: He goes for all the marbles (1970s+)


Read Also:

  • Go for nothing

    Be useless, serve no purpose. For example, He lost the case, so all our efforts on his behalf went for nothing. [ Late 1500s ] Also see: go for, def. 2.

  • Go forth

    verb (intransitive, adverb) (archaic or formal) 1. to be issued: the command went forth that taxes should be collected 2. to go out: the army went forth to battle

  • Go for the fences

    verb phrase To try to make long base hits, esp home runs; slug (1970s+ Baseball)

  • Go for the gold

    verb phrase To strive for the highest reward; go for broke: Everything else looks real. They were going for the gold/ Any time Hollywood goes for the gold there are bound to be contestants that finish dead last [1980s+; fr the gold medal awarded to the first-place finisher in Olympic competitions]

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