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[goh-goh] /ˈgoʊˌgoʊ/

adjective, Informal.
full of energy, vitality, or daring:
the go-go generation.
stylish, modern, or up-to-date:
the go-go social set.
of or relating to the music and dancing performed at discotheques or nightclubs.
performing at a discotheque or nightclub.
seeking large earnings quickly by trading aggressively and often speculatively in stocks:
a go-go mutual fund.
marked by swift price upswings due to excessive speculation:
a go-go stock.
being a time of great prosperity, economic growth, and optimism:
the go-go years of the 1920s.
adjective (informal, mainly US & Canadian)
of or relating to discos or the lively music and dancing performed in them
dynamic or forceful

1964, “fashionable,” from slang the go “the rage” (1962); see go. First appearance of go-go dancer is from 1965.



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