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Go on and on

See go on , def. 5.
Continue without stopping, last for a long time, as in This trail goes on and on, or The movie went on and on. This usage was first recorded in 1938.


Read Also:

  • Goon bag

    noun 1. (Austral, informal) the plastic bladder inside a box of (usu cheap) wine

  • Goon boy

    noun phrase A despised person; geek, jerk, nerd (1950s+ Students)

  • Goonda

    [goo n-duh] /ˈgʊn də/ noun, Indian English. 1. a rogue or hoodlum.

  • Gooned

    verb phrase Intoxicated; high, stoned: Getting gooned on Nyquil (1960s+)

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