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Go on line

see: go on , def. 9.


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  • Goon-squad

    noun 1. a group of hired thugs used to perform ruthless or violent acts. noun phrase A group of ruffians •Used of the opposition by both sides in labor disputes: A few weeks later, another ”goon squad,” as they have been rightly labeled/ What some doctors deride as investigative ”goon squads” (mid-1930s+)

  • Go on track

    verb phrase To patrol an area seeking prostitution customers; hook: Then I’d go on track till 4 AM, sleep two more hours, and start over (1970s+ Prostitutes)

  • Go on the hook for something

    verb phrase To go into debt: So you’ll go on the hook for one of those eighty-dollar sports-car coats (1950s+)

  • Goony

    [goo-nee] /ˈgu ni/ adjective, goonier, gooniest. 1. Slang. stupid, foolish, or awkward: a goony smile on his face. 2. Informal. of or like a ; thuggish; brutal. noun, plural goonies. 3. Slang. (def 2a). 4. .

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