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Go soak yourself


Cease annoying me; go to hell: When I asked for a date she told me to go soak my head (1884+)


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  • Go so far as to

    Also, go as far as to. Proceed to the point of doing something. For example, I wouldn’t go so far as to call him incompetent, but he does need supervision, or Would she go as far as to sell the house before she’s found another?

  • Go some

    verb phrase To go very fast: By the first turn we were going some (1911+)

  • Go sour

    verb phrase To become unsatisfying; fail; disappoint: After a couple of years of fame it all went sour (1935+)

  • Go south

    verb phrase to fall or slide down; to decline; to fall in value Examples His golf game is going south. Usage Note slang; goes south, going south, went south, gone south v. “vanish, abscond,” 1920s, American English, probably from mid-19c. notion of disappearing south to Mexico or Texas to escape pursuit or responsibility, reinforced by […]

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