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Go to hell


May you be accursed, confounded, humiliated, etc; drop dead, GO FUCK oneself: He wanted me to lie, but I told him to go to hell (1836+)

verb phrase

To deteriorate; be ruined: The whole town’s gone to hell, with that new mayor/ Old Joe’s gone to hell a bit lately (1930s+)
Also, go to the devil or dickens. Go to everlasting torment, ruin, or perdition. For example, Nancy did not mince words but simply told him to go the devil, or Go to hell, Tom, I won’t give you another cent. These phrases are often uttered as angry imperatives to order someone to go away. Hell, devil, and dickens (a euphemism for “devil”) all refer to the underworld, the residence of the devil, from which a person would never return.


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