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[gob-uh l-dee-goo k] /ˈgɒb əl diˌgʊk/

language characterized by circumlocution and jargon, usually hard to understand:
the gobbledegook of government reports.
pretentious or unintelligible jargon, such as that used by officials

also gobbledegook, “the overinvolved, pompous talk of officialdom” [Klein], 1944, American English, first used by U.S. Rep. Maury Maverick, D.-Texas, (1895-1954), a grandson of the original maverick and chairman of U.S. Smaller War Plants Corporation during World War II. First used in a memo dated March 30, 1944, banning “gobbledygook language” and mock-threateaning, “anyone using the words activation or implementation will be shot.” Maverick said he made up the word in imitation of turkey noise. Another word for it, coined about the same time, was bafflegab (1952).


Pretentious and scarcely intelligible language, esp of the sort attributed to bureaucrats, sociologists, etc

[coined in 1944 by Representative Maury Maverick of Texas]


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