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[gob-lin] /ˈgɒb lɪn/

a grotesque sprite or elf that is mischievous or malicious toward people.
(in folklore) a small grotesque supernatural creature, regarded as malevolent towards human beings

early 14c., “a devil, incubus, fairy,” from Old French gobelin (12c., as Medieval Latin Gobelinus, the name of a spirit haunting the region of Evreux, in chronicle of Ordericus Vitalis), of uncertain origin, perhaps related to German kobold (see cobalt), or from Medieval Latin cabalus, from Greek kobalos “rogue, knave,” kobaloi “wicked spirits invoked by rogues,” of unknown origin. Another suggestion is that it is a diminutive of the proper name Gobel.

Though French gobelin was not recorded until almost 250 years after appearance of the English term, it is mentioned in the Medieval Latin text of the 1100’s, and few people who believed in folk magic used Medieval Latin. [Barnhart]


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