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noun, (sometimes initial capital letters)
Informal. something once popular or valued that has retained its appeal or for which interest has been reawakened, especially a popular song or record.
something old or long-established, esp a hit record or song that has remained popular or is enjoying a revival Also called oldie

noun phrase

An old record, song, person, etc, still regarded as good, esp one that has revived or sustained popularity: a golden oldie like ”Honeysuckle Rose”/ All the golden oldies are replayed and the untied threads neatly resolved/ Oldies but Goodies Could Put Success in Senior Tours: There’s a golden patch of oldies who can still play great tennis/ oldies but goodies such as ”Down by the Riverside”

[mid-1960s+; probably influenced by association with the gold phonograph record struck for a recording that has sold a million copies and more]


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