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[gohl-duh n] /ˈgoʊl dən/

bright, metallic, or lustrous like ; of the color of ; yellow:
golden hair.
made or consisting of :
golden earrings.
exceptionally valuable, advantageous, or fine:
a golden opportunity.
having glowing vitality; radiant:
golden youth.
full of happiness, prosperity, or vigor:
golden hours; a golden era of exploration.
highly talented and favored; destined for success:
television’s golden boy.
richly soft and smooth:
a golden voice.
indicating the fiftieth event of a series:
a golden wedding anniversary.
[gohl-duh n] /ˈgoʊl dən/
a city in central Colorado.
of the yellowish or brownish-yellow metallic colour of gold: golden hair
made from or largely consisting of gold: a golden statue
happy or prosperous: golden days
(sometimes capital) (of anniversaries) the 50th in a series: Golden Jubilee, golden wedding
(informal) very successful or destined for success: the golden girl of tennis
extremely valuable or advantageous: a golden opportunity

c.1300, “made of gold,” from gold + -en (2); replacing Middle English gilden, from Old English gyldan. Gold is one of the few Modern English nouns that form adjectives meaning “made of ______” by adding -en (e.g. wooden, leaden, waxen, olden); Old English also had silfren “made of silver,” stænen “made of stone.”

As a color from late 14c. Figurative sense of “excellent, precious, best” is from late 14c. Golden mean “avoidance of excess” translates Latin aurea mediocritas (Horace). Golden age, period of past perfection, is from 1550s, from a concept found in Greek and Latin writers; in sense of “old age” it is from 1961. The moralistic golden rule earlier was the golden law, so called from 1670s.

Do not do unto others as you would that they should do unto you. Their tastes may not be the same. [George Bernard Shaw, 1898]


Supremely fortunate; excellent: I’m golden

[Probabaly from folklore’s “golden egg”] When used to describe a magnetic medium (e.g. “golden disk”, “golden tape”), describes one containing a tested, up-to-spec, ready-to-ship software version. Compare platinum-iridium.
[Jargon File]


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