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[gohl-duh n-ahy] /ˈgoʊl dənˌaɪ/

noun, plural goldeneyes (especially collectively) goldeneye.
either of two diving ducks, Bucephala clangula, of Eurasia and North America, or B. islandica (Barrow’s goldeneye) of North America, having bright yellow .
Also called golden-eyed fly
[gohl-duh n-ahyd] /ˈgoʊl dənˌaɪd/ (Show IPA). a lacewing of the family Chrysopidae.
noun (pl) -eyes, -eye
either of two black-and-white diving ducks, Bucephala clangula or B. islandica, of northern regions
any lacewing of the family Chrysopidae that has a greenish body and eyes of a metallic lustre


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