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[gohl-dee, gawl-] /ˈgoʊl di, ˈgɔl-/

noun, plural Goldis (especially collectively) Goldi.


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  • Goldilocks

    [gohl-dee-loks] /ˈgoʊl diˌlɒks/ noun, plural goldilocks. 1. (used with a singular verb) a person with golden hair. adjective 2. (usually initial capital letter) not being extreme or not varying drastically between extremes, especially between hot and cold: a Goldilocks economy that is neither overheated nor too cold to cause a recession; a goldilocks planet such […]

  • Goldilocks and the three bears

    A children’s story. Goldilocks, a little girl with shiny blond hair, brashly enters the house of the Three Bears (Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear), eats the bears’ porridge, sits in their chairs, and sleeps in their beds. When the bears return, they retrace her steps, saying, “Someone’s been eating my porridge,” “Someone’s been […]

  • Gold-leaf

    noun 1. gold in the form of very thin foil, as for gilding. noun 1. very thin gold sheet with a thickness usually between 0.076 and 0.127 micrometre, produced by rolling or hammering gold and used for gilding woodwork, etc

  • Goldman

    [gohld-muh n] /ˈgoʊld mən/ noun 1. Edwin Franko [frang-koh] /ˈfræŋ koʊ/ (Show IPA), 1878–1956, U.S. composer and bandmaster. 2. Emma, 1869–1940, U.S. anarchist leader, born in Russia.

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