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a bag, usually made of canvas, for carrying golf clubs and golf balls.


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  • Golf-ball

    noun 1. a small, white ball with a tough cover and a resilient core of rubber, used in playing golf. 2. a ball-shaped printing element on certain electric typewriters. noun 1. a small resilient, usually white, ball of either two-piece or three-piece construction, the former consisting of a solid inner core with a thick covering […]

  • Golf ball printer

    IBM 2741

  • Golf-club

    noun 1. any of various long-handled clubs with wooden or metal heads, for hitting the ball in golf. Compare (def 5), 1 (def 8). 2. an organization of golf players or the facilities and grounds used by such an organization. noun 1. any of various long-shafted clubs with wood or metal heads used to strike […]

  • Golf-cart

    noun 1. a small, battery-powered, three- or four-wheel vehicle used for transporting one or two golfers and their equipment around a golf course. 2. . noun 1. a small motorized vehicle for transporting golfers and their equipment round a golf course 2. a two-wheeled trolley with a long handle used for carrying golf clubs

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