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[guh-mawr-uh, -mor-uh] /gəˈmɔr ə, -ˈmɒr ə/

Also, Douay Bible, Gomorrha. an ancient city destroyed, with Sodom, because of its wickedness. Gen. 19:24, 25.
any extremely wicked place.
(Old Testament) one of two ancient cities near the Dead Sea, the other being Sodom, that were destroyed by God as a punishment for the wickedness of their inhabitants (Genesis 19:24)
any place notorious for vice and depravity

Biblical site, from Hebrew ‘omer “sheaf” (of corn, etc.), probably a reference to the fertility of the region.

submersion, one of the five cities of the plain of Siddim (q.v.) which were destroyed by fire (Gen. 10:19; 13:10; 19:24, 28). These cities probably stood close together, and were near the northern extremity of what is now the Dead Sea. This city is always mentioned next after Sodom, both of which were types of impiety and wickedness (Gen. 18:20; Rom. 9:29). Their destruction is mentioned as an “ensample unto those that after should live ungodly” (2 Pet. 2:6; Jude 1:4-7). Their wickedness became proverbial (Deut. 32:32; Isa. 1:9, 10; Jer. 23:14). But that wickedness may be exceeded (Matt. 10:15; Mark 6:11). (See DEAD SEA ØT0000991).


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