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gonangiectomy gon·an·gi·ec·to·my (gŏn’ān-jē-ěk’tə-mē)
See vasectomy.


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  • Gonangium

    [goh-nan-jee-uh m] /goʊˈnæn dʒi əm/ noun, plural gonangia [goh-nan-jee-uh] /goʊˈnæn dʒi ə/ (Show IPA), gonangiums. 1. a reproductive polyp of a colonial hydroid, giving rise asexually to medusa buds.

  • Gonarthritis

    gonarthritis gon·ar·thri·tis (gŏn’är-thrī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of the knee joint.

  • Gonarthrotomy

    gonarthrotomy gon·ar·throt·o·my (gŏn’är-thrŏt’ə-mē) n. Incision into the knee joint.

  • Gonave

    [goh-nahv; French gaw-nav] /goʊˈnɑv; French gɔˈnav/ noun 1. Also called Gonâve Island. an island in the Gulf of Gonaïves, in W Haiti. 287 sq. mi. (743 sq. km). 2. Gulf of. Also called Gonâve Gulf. (def 1).

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