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[goh-nee-aw-laks] /ˌgoʊ niˈɔ læks/

any marine dinoflagellate of the genus Gonyaulax, sometimes occurring in great numbers and causing red tide.


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  • Gonyaulax catanella

    Gonyaulax catanella Gon·y·au·lax cat·a·nel·la (gŏn’ē-ô’lāks’ kāt’ə-něl’ə) n. A marine dinoflagellate protozoan that produces a powerful toxin that accumulates in the tissues of mussels and other filter-feeding shellfish; it may cause fatal poisoning in humans who have eaten contaminated shellfish.

  • Gonycampsis

    [gon-uh-kamp-sis] /ˌgɒn əˈkæmp sɪs/ noun 1. abnormal curvature of the knee.

  • Gonzales

    [guh n-zah-lis] /gənˈzɑ lɪs/ noun 1. Richard Alonzo (“Pancho”) 1928–1995, U.S. tennis player.

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    noun A tedious, contemptible person; dork, nerd: Nerds can be ”goobs” or ”tools”/ A Goob-a-tron’s Guide to Rad Speak [1980s+ Students & teenagers; fr goober]

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