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Good call

noun, interjection

Good call on the choice of dinner place!

based on an accepted referee’s decision


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  • Good-cheer

    noun 1. cheerful spirits; courage: to be of good cheer. 2. feasting and merrymaking: to make good cheer. 3. good food and drink: to be fond of good cheer.

  • Good cholesterol

    noun 1. a nontechnical name for high-density lipoprotein

  • Good-conduct-medal

    noun, U.S. Military. 1. a medal awarded an enlisted person for meritorious behavior during the period of service.

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    modifier Marked by alternations between friendliness and hostility, easiness and rigor, etc: Successful management requires a variation of the ”good cop, bad cop” routine/ In short, a ”nice cop” Rousseau and a ”tough cop” Rousseau/ I think that she’s the good cop and he’s the bad one, and I think it’s quite deliberate [fr the […]

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