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Good off

[ ; 1920s ]


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  • Good-offices

    plural noun 1. influence, especially with a person in a position of power: He got the job through the good offices of his uncle. 2. services rendered by a mediator in a dispute.

  • Good-oh

    [goo d-oh] /ˈgʊd oʊ/ British Informal. interjection 1. good (used as an expression of approval, agreement, or admiration). adverb 2. all right. 3. . /ˈɡʊdˈəʊ/ interjection 1. (Brit & Austral) an exclamation of pleasure, agreement, approval, etc adjective, adverb 2. (Austral) all right: it was good-oh, I was getting on good-oh

  • Good oil

    noun 1. (Austral, slang) the good oil, true or reliable facts, information, etc

  • Good-old-boy

    noun, Informal. 1. a male who embodies the unsophisticated good fellowship and sometimes boisterous sociability regarded as typical of white males of small towns and rural areas of the South. 2. a person who belongs to a network of friends and associates with close ties of loyalty and mutual support. modifier : Kevin Baker and […]

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