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[goos-hurd] /ˈgusˌhɜrd/

a person who tends geese.


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    /ˈɡuːsən/ noun 1. Retief. born 1969; South African golfer: winner of the US Open Championship (2001, 2004)

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    [goos-nek] /ˈgusˌnɛk/ noun 1. a curved object resembling the of a , often of flexible construction, as in the shaft of a . 2. Nautical. a curved piece at the foot of a boom, attached to a mast by a vertical pivot and itself having a horizontal pivot so that the boom can be pointed […]

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    plural noun 1. . Also, goose bumps or flesh. Temporary rough skin caused by small raised bumps. For example, Horror movies always give me goose pimples, or She tends to get goose bumps whenever she goes to the dentist. This expression likens the skin of a plucked goose to the condition of human skin when […]

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