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/gos’p*r-izm/ A hack, invention, or saying due to arch-hacker R. William (Bill) Gosper. This notion merits its own term because there are so many of them. Many of the entries in HAKMEM are Gosperisms.
See also life.


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    Graphics-Oriented Signal Processing Language. A graphical DSP language for simulation. [“Graphic Oriented Signal Processing Language – GOSPL”, C.D. Covington et al, Proc ICASSP-87, 1987].

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    [gos-plahn] /gɒsˈplɑn/ noun, (in the Soviet Union) 1. the official planning organization, which drew up projects embracing trade and industry, agriculture, education, and public health. /ˈɡɒsˌplæn/ noun 1. the state planning commission of the former Soviet Union or any of its constituent republics: it was responsible for coordination and development of the economy, social services, […]

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