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[goch-uh] /ˈgɒtʃ ə/

Pronunciation Spelling. got you (used to indicate comprehension, to exultingly point out a blunder, etc.).

by 1913, colloquial pronunciation of “(I have) got you.”


Got you; caught you: a gotcha campaign


[fr got you]
jargon, programming
A misfeature of a system, especially a programming language or environment, that tends to breed bugs or mistakes because it both enticingly easy to invoke and completely unexpected and/or unreasonable in its outcome.
For example, a classic gotcha in C is the fact that
if (a=b) code;
is syntactically valid and sometimes even correct. It puts the value of “b” into “a” and then executes “code” if “a” is non-zero. What the programmer probably meant was
if (a==b) code;
which executes “code” if “a” and “b” are equal.
[Jargon File]


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