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[got-er-dam-uh-roo ng, -ruhng; German gœt-uh r-dem-uh-roo ng] /ˌgɒt ərˈdæm əˌrʊŋ, -ˌrʌŋ; German ˌgœt ərˈdɛm əˌrʊŋ/

German Mythology. the destruction of the gods and of all things in a final battle with evil powers: erroneous modern translation of the Old Icelandic Ragnarǫk, meaning “fate of the gods,” misunderstood as Ragnarökkr, meaning “twilight of the gods.”.
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/ˌɡɒtəˈdɛməˌrʊŋ; German ɡœtərˈdɛmərʊŋ/
(German myth) the twilight of the gods; their ultimate destruction in a battle with the forces of evil Norse equivalent Ragnarök

from German Götterdämmerung, literally “twilight of the gods,” used by Wagner as the title of the last opera in the Ring cycle; used in English from 1909 in the figurative sense of “complete overthrow” of something.


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