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[goi-uh; Spanish gaw-yah] /ˈgɔɪ ə; Spanish ˈgɔ yɑ/

Francisco de
[fran-sis-koh duh;; Spanish frahn-thees-kaw de,, -sees-] /frænˈsɪs koʊ də;; Spanish frɑnˈθis kɔ dɛ,, -ˈsis-/ (Show IPA), (Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes) 1746–1828, Spanish painter.
/ˈɡɔɪə; Spanish ˈɡoja/
Francisco de (franˈθisko de), full name Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes. 1746–1828, Spanish painter and etcher; well known for his portraits, he became court painter to Charles IV of Spain (1799). He recorded the French invasion of Spain in a series of etchings The Disasters of War (1810–14) and two paintings 2 May 1808 and 3 May 1808 (1814)


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