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ground penetrating radar


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  • Gpra

    Government Performance and Results Act

  • G-protein

    G-protein (jē’prō’tēn’) Any of a class of cell membrane proteins that function as intermediaries between hormone receptors and enzymes that enable the cell to regulate its metabolism in response to hormonal changes.

  • Gprs

    abbreviation 1. general packet radio service: a telecommunications system providing very fast internet connections for mobile phones General Packet Radio Service general packet radio service

  • Gps

    1. gallons per second. 1. Global Positioning System: a global system of U.S. navigational satellites developed to provide precise positional and velocity data and global time synchronization for air, sea, and land travel. 2. an electronic system that uses these satellites to determine the position of a vehicle, person, etc.: The car is equipped with […]

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