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[gree-koh-roh-muh n, grek-oh-] /ˌgri koʊˈroʊ mən, ˌgrɛk oʊ-/

adjective, noun, Chiefly British.
[gree-koh-roh-muh n, grek-oh-] /ˌgri koʊˈroʊ mən, ˌgrɛk oʊ-/
of or having both Greek and Roman characteristics:
the Greco-Roman influence.
pertaining to or designating a style of the fine arts developed in Rome or the Roman Empire from the middle of the 1st century b.c. to the early 4th century a.d., chiefly characterized by an apparent indebtedness to Greek forms or motifs modified by technological innovation, monumental scale, the combination of symbolic with narrative treatment of subject matter, and an emphasis on the commemorative aspect of a work of art.
a style of wrestling in which the contestants are forbidden to trip, tackle, and use holds below the waist.
Compare (def 1).
of, characteristic of, or relating to Greek and Roman influences, as found in Roman sculpture
denoting a style of wrestling in which the legs may not be used to obtain a fall and no hold may be applied below the waist


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