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(def 1).
ethanol containing about 10 per cent of water, made by the fermentation of grain


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  • Grained

    [greynd] /greɪnd/ adjective 1. having, reduced to, consisting of, or bearing or (usually used in combination): fine-grained sand; large-grained rice. 2. having a form, structure, or surface: wood and other grained materials. 3. having an artificially produced texture or pattern: grained kid. 4. marked by a particular quality (usually used in combination): tough-grained journalism. [greyn] […]

  • Grain-coast

    [greyn] /greɪn/ noun 1. a historic region on the Gulf of Guinea, in W Africa, in present-day Liberia.

  • Grain-elevator

    noun 1. (def 4). noun 1. a machine for raising grain to a higher level, esp one having an endless belt fitted with scoops

  • Grainfield

    [greyn-feeld] /ˈgreɪnˌfild/ noun 1. a in which is grown.

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