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Gram atomic mass

noun, Chemistry.
the quantity of an element whose weight in grams is numerically equal to the atomic weight of the element.


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  • Gram-calorie

    noun 1. (def 1a). Abbreviation: g-cal. noun 1. another name for calorie gram calorie n. See calorie.

  • Gram-centimeter

    gram-centimeter n. A unit of measurement equal to the energy exerted, or work done, when a mass of 1gram is raised a height of 1centimeter.

  • Gram-equivalent

    noun, Chemistry. 1. See under . noun, Chemistry. 1. the combining power, especially in grams (gram equivalent) of an element or compound, equivalent to hydrogen as a standard of 1.00797 or oxygen as a standard of 8; the atomic weight divided by the valence. noun 1. the weight of an element or compound that will […]

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