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of or relating to :
grammatical analysis.
conforming to standard usage:
grammatical speech.
Contemporary Examples

Hidden in the grammatical error was the unconscious admission: “This is the most humiliating day of my life.”
Curtains for Murdoch Peter Jukes April 22, 2012

What the diatribe lacked in grammatical proficiency, it made up for in drama.
Netflix Promises More ‘Arrested Development,’ Batman Prequel Coming to Fox Culture Team September 24, 2013

“Your lucky your state has the death penalty,” it read (spelling and grammatical errors intact).
Jared Loughner Trial Could Expand Support for the Death Penalty Lisa Miller January 14, 2011

The clash of English with the grammatical form of the Irish language gave it new color and shape.
How I Write: Paul Lynch Noah Charney December 17, 2013

On the other hand, the grammatical errors and similarities to the Gospel of Thomas are still a problem.
The ‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’ is Still as Big a Mystery as Ever Candida Moss April 12, 2014

Historical Examples

What is meant by the reducing of a speech to a grammatical form, or to grammar, is not very clear.
An Outline of English Speech-craft William Barnes

grammatical and exegetical questions and the content of the passage are discussed.
College Teaching Paul Klapper

The verb must have a grammatical subject and, if it is an active verb, it must have a grammatical predicate.
Newspaper Reporting and Correspondence Grant Milnor Hyde

grammatical peculiarities may be noted at the end of the book, and the page added.
The Aural System Anonymous

It is an interesting example of the continuance of a grammatical gender in English.
Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, Volume III (of 3) Thomas Percy

of or relating to grammar
(of a sentence) well formed; regarded as correct and acceptable by native speakers of the language

1520s, from Middle French grammatical and directly from Late Latin grammaticalis “of a scholar,” from grammaticus “pertaining to grammar” (see grammar). Related: Grammatically (c.1400).


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