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[gramps] /græmps/

noun, Informal.

1898, colloquial or dialectal shortening of grandpa.


Grandfather; any old man: Need any help, gramps?

[1940s+; gramp is found by 1898]


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  • Grampa

    [gram-pah, -paw, -puh] /ˈgræmˌpɑ, -ˌpɔ, -pə/ noun, Informal. 1. .

  • Grampian

    [gram-pee-uh n] /ˈgræm pi ən/ noun 1. a region in E Scotland. 3361 sq. mi. (8704 sq. km).

  • Grampian mountains

    /ˈɡræmpɪən/ plural noun 1. a mountain system of central Scotland, extending from the southwest to the northeast and separating the Highlands from the Lowlands. Highest peak: Ben Nevis, 1344 m (4408 ft) 2. a mountain range in SE Australia, in W Victoria

  • Grampian region

    noun 1. a former local government region in NE Scotland, formed in 1975 from Aberdeenshire, Kincardineshire, and most of Banffshire and Morayshire; replaced in 1996 by the council areas of Aberdeenshire, City of Aberdeen, and Moray

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