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[gram-puh s] /ˈgræm pəs/

noun, plural grampuses.
a cetacean, Grampus griseus, of the dolphin family, widely distributed in northern seas.
any of various related cetaceans, as the killer whale, Orcinus (Orca) orca.
a giant whip scorpion common to Florida.
noun (pl) -puses
a widely distributed slaty-grey dolphin, Grampus griseus, with a blunt snout
another name for killer whale

1590s, earlier graundepose (1520s), altered (by influence of grand) from Middle English graspeys (late 13c.), from Anglo-French grampais, from Old French graspois, craspois “whale, (salted) whale meat; blubber; seal,” from Medieval Latin craspicis, literally “fat fish,” from Latin crassus “thick” + piscis “fish.” For specifics of usage in English, see OED.


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