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Grand duchess charlotte

Grand Duchess (Charlotte Aldegonde Elise Marie Wilhelmine) 1896–1985, sovereign of Luxembourg 1919–64.
a city in S North Carolina.
a female given name: derived from Charles.
a baked dessert served hot or cold, commonly made with fruit and layers or a casing of bread or cake crumbs, sponge cake, etc: apple charlotte
short for charlotte russe
a city in S North Carolina: the largest city in the state. Pop: 584 658 (2003 est)

fem. proper name, from the French fem. of Charlot, a diminutive of Charles. Meaning “apple marmalade covered with bread-crumbs” is attested from 1796, presumably from French (where, however, the dessert name is attested only from 1804), possibly from the fem. proper name, but the connection is obscure. Perhaps from some French dialect word. Cf. Middle English charlette (mid-14c.) “dish containing meat, eggs, milk, etc.,” said to be probably from Old French char laitée “meat with milk.”

The city in North Carolina, U.S., was settled c.1750 and named for Princess Charlotte Sophia (1744-1818), who married George III of England in 1761; Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, also was named for her (1763).

City in southern North Carolina.

Note: Largest city of the state, and the foremost commercial and industrial center of the Piedmont region.

Note: Named for Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of England.


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