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[gran-dee-ohs] /ˈgræn diˌoʊs/

affectedly grand or important; pompous:
grandiose words.
more complicated or elaborate than necessary; overblown:
a grandiose scheme.
grand in an imposing or impressive way.
Psychiatry. having an exaggerated belief in one’s importance, sometimes reaching delusional proportions, and occurring as a common symptom of mental illnesses, as manic disorder.
pretentiously grand or stately
imposing in conception or execution

1814, from French grandiose (see grandiose) + -ity.

The author now and then makes a word for his own use, as complicate, for complicated; and, still less fortunately ‘grandiosity’ (p. 343). [review of Joseph Forsyth’s “Remarks on Italy,” “Edinburgh Review,” January 1814]


1828 (earlier as a French word in English), from French grandiose “impressive” (18c.), from Italian grandioso, from Latin grandis “big” (see grand (adj.)). Related: Grandiosely.


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