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[grand-vyoo] /ˈgrændˌvyu/

a town in W Missouri.


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  • Grandville

    [grand-vil] /ˈgrænd vɪl/ noun 1. a town in SW Michigan.

  • Grand-vizier

    noun 1. the chief officer of state of various Muslim countries, as in the former Ottoman Empire. noun 1. (formerly) the chief officer or minister of state in the Ottoman Empire and other Muslim countries

  • Grange

    [greynj] /greɪndʒ/ noun 1. a farm, with its farmhouse and nearby buildings. 2. Chiefly British. a country house with its various farm buildings, usually constituting the dwelling of a yeoman or gentleman farmer. 3. the Grange, See under . 4. Archaic. a barn or granary. [greynj] /greɪndʒ/ noun 1. Harold (“Red”; “the Galloping Ghost”) 1903–1991, […]

  • Granger

    [greyn-jer] /ˈgreɪn dʒər/ noun 1. Northwestern U.S. a farmer. 2. (initial capital letter) a member of the Granger Movement. n. “farm steward, man in charge of a grange,” late 12c., also as a surname, from Old French grangier, from grange (see grange).

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