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Granulocytic sarcoma

granulocytic sarcoma n.
A malignant tumor of immature myeloid cells, associated with granulocytic leukemia. Also called myeloid sarcoma.


Read Also:

  • Granulocytic series

    granulocytic series n. The cells in various stages of granulopoietic development in the bone marrow.

  • Granulocytopenia

    /ˌɡrænjʊləʊˌsaɪtəʊˈpiːnɪə/ noun 1. a diminished number of granulocytes in the blood, which occurs in certain forms of anaemia granulocytopenia gran·u·lo·cy·to·pe·ni·a (grān’yə-lō-sī’tə-pē’nē-ə) n. A condition characterized by an abnormally low number of granular white blood cells in the blood. Also called granulopenia.

  • Granulocytopoiesis

    granulocytopoiesis gran·u·lo·cy·to·poi·e·sis (grān’yə-lō-sī’tə-poi-ē’sĭs) n. See granulopoiesis. gran’u·lo·cy’to·poi·et’ic (-ět’ĭk) adj.

  • Granulocytosis

    granulocytosis gran·u·lo·cy·to·sis (grān’yə-lō-sī-tō’sĭs) n. A condition characterized by an abnormally large number of granulocytes in blood or tissues.

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