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Granulomatous inflammation

granulomatous inflammation n.
A form of proliferative inflammation characterized by the formation of granulomas.


Read Also:

  • Granuloma tropicum

    granuloma tropicum granuloma trop·i·cum (trŏp’ĭ-kəm) n. See yaws.

  • Granulomere

    granulomere gran·u·lo·mere (grān’yə-lō-mēr’) n. The central part of a blood platelet. Also called chromomere.

  • Granulopenia

    granulopenia gran·u·lo·pe·ni·a (grān’yə-lō-pē’nē-ə) n. See granulocytopenia.

  • Granuloplastic

    granuloplastic gran·u·lo·plas·tic (grān’yə-lō-plās’tĭk) adj. Forming granules.

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