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the plant family Vitaceae, characterized by woody climbing vines with tendrils, having alternate, simple or compound leaves, and bearing clusters of small flowers and berries, and including Boston ivy, grape, grape ivy, and Virginia creeper.


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  • Grape-fern

    noun 1. any of several ferns of the genus Botrychium, comprising several species having grapelike clusters of sporangia.

  • Grapefruit

    [greyp-froot] /ˈgreɪpˌfrut/ noun 1. a large, roundish, yellow-skinned, edible citrus fruit having a juicy, acid pulp. 2. the tropical or semitropical tree, Citrus paradisi, yielding this fruit. /ˈɡreɪpˌfruːt/ noun (pl) -fruit, -fruits 1. a tropical or subtropical cultivated evergreen rutaceous tree, Citrus paradisi 2. the large round edible fruit of this tree, which has yellow […]

  • Grapefruit-league

    noun, Baseball Informal. 1. a series of training games played by major-league teams before the opening of the season (so named because they take place in the citrus-growing South, as in Florida). noun phrase The association of major-league teams as they play each other in preseason training [1937+ Baseball; fr the fact that most spring […]

  • Grape-hyacinth

    noun 1. any plant belonging to the genus Muscari, of the lily family, as M. botryoides, having globular, blue flowers resembling tiny grapes. noun 1. any of various Eurasian liliaceous plants of the genus Muscari, esp M. botryoides, with clusters of rounded blue flowers resembling tiny grapes

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