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[fil-uh k-seer-uh, fi-lok-ser-uh] /ˌfɪl əkˈsɪər ə, fɪˈlɒk sər ə/
noun, plural phylloxerae
[fil-uh k-seer-ee, fi-lok-suh-ree] /ˌfɪl əkˈsɪər i, fɪˈlɒk səˌri/ (Show IPA), phylloxeras.
any of several plant lice of the genus Phylloxera, especially P. vitifoliae (grape phylloxera) which attacks the leaves and roots of grapevines.
/ˌfɪlɒkˈsɪərə; fɪˈlɒksərə/
noun (pl) -rae (-riː), -ras
any homopterous insect of the genus Phylloxera, such as P. vitifolia (or Viteus vitifolii) (vine phylloxera), typically feeding on plant juices, esp of vines: family Phylloxeridae


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