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Graphic display interface

(GDI) graphics adaptor.


Read Also:

  • Graphic-equalizer

    noun 1. an equalizer in an audio system that is controlled by sliders that show graphically and correct the frequency response within the preset frequency range. noun 1. an electronic device for cutting or boosting selected frequencies, using small linear faders Compare parametric equalizer graphic equalizer (grāf’ĭk) See under equalizer.

  • Graphic-granite

    noun 1. a pegmatite that has crystals of gray quartz imbedded in white or pink microcline in such a manner that they resemble cuneiform writing.

  • Graphic language

    For specifying graphic operations. [“A Problem Oriented Graphic Language”, P.J. Schwinn, proc ACM 22nd Natl Conf, 1967]. [Sammet 1969, p. 677].

  • Graphic-novel

    noun 1. a novel in the form of comic strips. noun 1. a novel in the form of a comic strip

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