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[graf-uh-tahyp] /ˈgræf əˌtaɪp/

a typewriterlike machine for embossing letters upon thin sheets of metal, as for use in an addressing machine.


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  • Graph-paper

    noun 1. paper printed with a pattern of straight or curved lines, especially a grid of small squares, for plotting or drawing graphs and curves. noun 1. paper printed with intersecting lines, usually horizontal and vertical and equally spaced, for drawing graphs, diagrams, etc

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  • Graph reduction

    A technique invented by Chris Wadsworth where an expression is represented as a directed graph (usually drawn as an inverted tree). Each node represents a function call and its subtrees represent the arguments to that function. Subtrees are replaced by the expansion or value of the expression they represent. This is repeated until the tree […]

  • Graph-theory

    noun, Mathematics. 1. the branch of mathematics dealing with linear graphs. noun the branch of mathematics dealing with the properties of linear graphs Examples Graph theory uses diagrams or graphs to study the arrangements of object and the relationships between objects.

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