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Grass box

a container attached to a lawn mower that receives grass after it has been cut


Read Also:

  • Grass-carp

    noun 1. a large carp of the genus Ctenopharyngodon, of southern Chinese inland waters, that grazes on water weeds.

  • Grass-bug

    noun 1. . [roh-pal-id, roh-puh-lid] /roʊˈpæl ɪd, ˈroʊ pə lɪd/ noun 1. any of various hemipterous insects of the family Rhopalidae that feed chiefly on grasses and occasionally on certain trees, as the box elder.

  • Grass-cloth

    noun 1. a fabric made from tough vegetable fibers, used for table linens, wall coverings, etc. noun 1. a cloth made from plant fibres, such as jute or hemp

  • Grass-court

    noun 1. an outdoor tennis court having a grass surface. noun 1. a tennis court covered with grass See also hard court

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