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another name for gravlax


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  • Gravamen

    [gruh-vey-muh n] /grəˈveɪ mən/ noun, plural gravamina [gruh-vam-uh-nuh] /grəˈvæm ə nə/ (Show IPA). Law. 1. the part of an accusation that weighs most heavily against the accused; the substantial part of a charge or complaint. 2. a grievance. /ɡrəˈveɪmɛn/ noun (pl) -vamina (-ˈvæmɪnə) 1. (law) that part of an accusation weighing most heavily against an […]

  • Grave

    [greyv] /greɪv/ noun 1. an excavation made in the earth in which to bury a dead body. 2. any place of interment; a tomb or sepulcher: a watery grave. 3. any place that becomes the receptacle of what is dead, lost, or past: the grave of unfulfilled ambitions. 4. death: O grave, where is thy […]

  • Graveclothes

    [greyv-klohz, -klohth z] /ˈgreɪvˌkloʊz, -ˌkloʊðz/ plural noun 1. the or wrappings in which a body is buried; cerements.

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    [greyv] /greɪv/ verb (used with object), graved, graven or graved, graving. 1. to carve, sculpt, or engrave. 2. to impress deeply: graven on the mind. [greyv] /greɪv/ verb (used with object), graved, graving. Nautical. 1. to clean and apply a protective composition of tar to (the bottom of a ship). /ɡreɪv/ noun 1. a place […]

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