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noun, Slang.


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  • Graveyard-watch

    noun 1. . 2. Nautical. . noun phrase A period of guard or watch duty from midnight to 4 AM or 8 AM (1927+ Railroad & Navy)

  • Gravicembalo

    [grav-i-chem-buh-loh, grah-vi-] /ˌgræv ɪˈtʃɛm bəˌloʊ, ˌgrɑ vɪ-/ noun, plural gravicembali [grav-i-chem-buh-lee, grah-vi-] /ˌgræv ɪˈtʃɛm bəˌli, ˌgrɑ vɪ-/ (Show IPA), gravicembalos. 1. a harpsichord.

  • Gravid

    [grav-id] /ˈgræv ɪd/ adjective 1. 1 (def 1). /ˈɡrævɪd/ adjective 1. the technical word for pregnant adj. “pregnant,” 1590s, from Latin gravidus “loaded; pregnant,” from gravis “burdened, heavy” (see grave (adj.)). Gravidation “pregnancy” is attested from mid-15c. gravid grav·id (grāv’ĭd) adj. Carrying eggs or developing young. gra·vid’i·ty (grə-vĭd’ĭ-tē) or grav’id·ness n.

  • Gravida

    [grav-i-duh] /ˈgræv ɪ də/ noun, plural gravidas, gravidae [grav-i-dee] /ˈgræv ɪˌdi/ (Show IPA). Obstetrics. 1. a woman’s status regarding pregnancy; usually followed by a roman numeral designating the number of times the woman has been pregnant. 2. a pregnant woman. gravida grav·i·da (grāv’ĭ-də) n. pl. grav·i·das or grav·i·dae (-dē’) A pregnant woman.

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