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noun, Electricity.
a cell containing two electrolytes that have different specific gravities.
an electrolytic cell in which the electrodes lie in two different electrolytes, which are separated into two layers by the difference in their relative densities


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  • Gravity check

    noun phrase A fall from a surfboard, snowboard, etc

  • Gravity-clock

    noun 1. a clock driven by its own weight as it descends a rack, cord, incline, etc.

  • Gravity-escapement

    noun, Horology. 1. an escapement, used especially in large outdoor clocks, in which the impulse is given to the pendulum by means of a weight falling through a certain distance.

  • Gravity-dam

    noun 1. a dam resisting the pressure of impounded water through its own weight. noun 1. a dam whose weight alone is great enough to prevent it from tipping over

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