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a scale of achromatic colors having several, usually ten, equal gradations ranging from white to black, used in television and photography.

gray scale n.
Gray-scale ultrasonography.

US spelling of “grey-scale”.


Read Also:

  • Gray-scale ultrasonography

    gray-scale ultrasonography n. Ultrasonography that displays small differences in an acoustical impedance as if they were different shades of gray.

  • Gray-sea-eagle

    noun 1. a grayish-brown sea eagle, Haliaetus albicilla, of the Old World and Greenland, having a white tail.

  • Gray-skate

    noun 1. a skate, Raja batis, of coastal seas off Great Britain.

  • Gray-snapper

    noun 1. a snapper, Lutjanus griseus, of shallow waters off the coast of Florida, having a grayish-green body with a brown spot on each scale.

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